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About Us

Royal Tea Limited is a UK based company, which has developed a unique concept in spiced and flavoured tea products.

Through careful market research and product development, “Royal Chai” was conceived producing a market leading, premium range of instant teas.

We pride ourselves in only selecting the finest teas from remote Kenyan Tea Estates, together blended with only natural flavours and spices, the essence of which are captured and sealed for your convenience. It is this superior formulation which gives each sip a complete tea experience.

Each Royal Chai sachet contains the perfect combination of Skimmed Milk, Tea and Exotic Spices, which gives every Royal Chai serving its refreshing, authentic taste.

You just have to try it to believe it!

Royal Chai is 100% NATURAL.

No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives added.


Royal Chai sachets were created for your instant satisfaction. Now, you have an on-the-go traditional Indian chai to take and make anywhere. Slip a packet in your pocket and enjoy your authentic tasting Indian chai at home, work or anywhere where there is water. Our Royal Chai mixes are available in six exotic flavours for your sipping enjoyment:

Masala, Elaichi (Cardamom), Kashmiri, Ginger, Karak and Saffron.

Simply add hot water and soak up the aroma of the traditional Indian Chai.

Each flavour is available in a box of 10 single-serve sachets. Furthermore, Royal Chai uses only natural ingredients in all of its products.

There are no artificial flavours, no preservatives and no colouring’s. Royal Chai is designed to replicate the same authentic natural taste of Indian Chai, that is found in all Indian homes and the street vendors of India. Additionally, to cater for the individual taste all Royal Chai flavours are available in Sweetened and Unsweetened Taste versions.



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Where is it Available?

Royal Chai is available in the World Food Aisles of most Tesco Extra Stores and many independent grocery stores.

You can also purchase Royal Chai online at HiraTea – https://www.hiratea.uk

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Contact Us

RoyalTea Ltd
113 Barkby Road

Tel: 0116 2736907
Mobile: 07753 615961
E-Mail: sales@royaltea.co.uk

Trade Information

If you are interested in stocking or distributing the exciting range of new products which has taken the UK by storm, please contact our sales team on 0845 634 3162 or email us at sales@royaltea.co.uk